Gallery of Atrocities

This website contains violent photographs of vegetables and fruits being tortured, mutilated, mistreated, and murdered. They are not for the weak of heart. By choosing to view these images you hold harmless for your psychological well being.


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  1. oh this is classic lololol…#luvzdrysarcastic humor!

  2. Aimee says:

    I’m allergic to all fruits, and most vegetables. I’m going to have to disagree that plants don’t have feelings.. Studies have proven that they do. Test it out for yourselves, grow two plants of the same breed, treat one kindly, say nice things, baby it. Take the other and be as cruel as you are able to stomach it, let me know what happens. I think we did that in 4th grade, but that was a very long time ago, back when they actually taught you things like empathy, and morals.
    I love plants, and animals.. But if it wasn’t for both things we humans would not exist, and for the hot headed vegans out there, if we hadn’t started eating meat, our wee brains would not have developed enough for you to form your conformist opinions about what others should or should not enjoy. I know, I know, begging a vegetarian is all the rage right now.. It’s ridiculous! Even the animals know there is a circle of life.. Just ask Simba! ;)

  3. I EAT PLANTS! :D says:

    Okay so this is what I got from this picture… “Let’s eat the apple so it doesn’t rot, but oh no! that’s vegetable cruelty as well!”.

    So if we let a fruit or vegetable rot then that is “cruelty?” The only way to keep it from rotting as far as i know is eating it, freezing it, and cooking it (All of which you would also consider “cruelty.”) So in other words, even if this was cruelty, it would be impossible to stop.

    How about you just let us eat what we’re comfortable with? Because telling people not to eat plants is just simply unethical, because a plant restricted diet would not only be idiotic, but extremely unhealthy… Yes, think that plants may feel something when their shall we say “limbs,” are amputated, but we need plants to survive. And whose to say animals don’t feel pain? Because they obviously do, eating animals would be far more inhumane than eating plants, and you’re trying to tell us to eat nothing but animals.

    Honestly, if you’re trying to accomplish something with this webpage of yours then i don’t see this going anywhere, but on the news… And i don’t see them taking your story seriously, I only see them do nothing but laugh at your ridiculous campaign…

    ***************Eat plants on sight*******************

  4. dan says:

    According to biology fruits are not a living thing anymore why? Because it does not have a leaf for photosyntehes, because there is no chlorophyll, hence no stomata for breathing, thus, there is no creation glucose which is the food for the plants.They are only alive when they ar in their trees, so the tree real living thing and the fruit is just a part of it, put it as like an organ of the tree.

    According to biology, a law in biology.We have an ecosystem which has a food chain.
    Producer (plants)>herbivores(plant eaters)and omnivores>omnivores(plant and animal eaters)carnivores(animal eaters)>decomposer

    Without this order the food chain will be damages thus damaging the law, hence damaging the ecosystem

  5. dan says:

    Cause theyre disappearing quickly, rather than farms, will it just no save the the thousand plant species but the animals and fungi, stop fighting with the animal rights because i love plants and animals.

  6. dan says:

    Instead of vegetables lets turn the compassion for the plants in the foresr desserts rivers lakes and seas

  7. Alex says:

    I couldn’t be happier now that I found people that think like I do.
    The vegetables were the first living beings to become confined and explored. They call it agriculture and pretend it’s a good thing!?
    When humans became sedentary it was at the expense of the vegetables. They suddenly decided that they were going to remove all those innocent plants off their own environment where they used to gather with their different peers and stick them on that patch of land just to be explored! It’s disgusting! They lost their freedom. Now they have to stay there without anyone different by their side. Everybody the same!
    Not to mention the dictatorship of the looks. If the vegetable doesn’t look shiny and perfect it is discarded as unfit for purpose. Outrageous! That’s discrimination!
    The only vegetables I admit as ok to consume are those one we make beer with as they are fulfilling their life mission. It’s because of something greater…

  8. Mary Gold says:

    Bakers: Upstanding businessmen and respected members of the community my left foot!

  9. Mary Gold says:


    Bakers are the most reprehensible! –with their little beignets and their wee cute tarts –flaunting the fact that they are cereal killers!

    If killing wheat were not enough, some have been known to flay rhubarb -still alive, then boil it and throw it into ovens!

    The most liberal of us might afford them some compassion if we knew that they slew these grains– crushing their babies with pestles and in mills!– because of some incorrigible drive they might have; but, no! Venally enough, they do it for the dough!

    Down with doughnuts! Can the cake! Nix the mix these murderers make!


    Hahahhahahahahahahhahaha I’m Vegan And Proud

  11. # says:

    To whoever said that vegans are victims of a neurosis-based eating disorder:
    think about about what you’re saying. If anybody’s incapable of rational thought its someone who believes that vegetables have feelings.

  12. vegiegirl says:

    If this is a joke it is ****ING HILARIOUS

  13. sydney says:

    I’m not here to criticize. I just think it’s ridiculous to tell people to stop eating vegetables. You do realize that EVERYTHING edible is a vegetable or fruit or a biproduct? Bread, wine, cookies, everything. And where do we stop, what we can’t wear clothes because it’s made of cotton? I’m a vegetarian. I believe in animal rights because animals have a nervous system & they have brains. Plants do not. I believe it is okay to eat meat because it is a natural part of the food chain. It is WRONG to torture animals and kill them by burning them alive and then wasting any part of their dead bodies. Organic, locally grown meat is okay. It is absolute nonsense to say plants have feelings.

  14. Scientist says:

    DUe To ReCENt SCientifIC ADvancemeNTS bY NasA wE..hasbdabds..SorRRy um.. DEvelopED TEST TUBE BURGERS..GWA HA HA HA..HIC…URGH…UM.. neeD nO Eat PoOR VEGIs anYMorE noR hURT EViL ANIMALS. SCUMs they MAy be BUt STill A LIfe iS a liFE.
    PLANTS DO feel, they dont have recptors but they do feel pain in a different way coz in fact they feel more pain than animals coz each cell is individually alive and each cell hAs receptors which feel tremendous pain.

  15. Todd says:

    I can vouch for plants. I have a read a book called the secret life of plants. What this book is all about is how plants have feelings and emotions. Someone previously said plats do not have a central nervous system. This is not true, they actually have a very thin central nervous system. The scientists in this book have literally conducted many legitimate experiments on whether plants have feelings or not, the scientists concluded that plants do have feelings. No accurate evidence has been provided against only for it. You can make theoretical arguments based off of evolution, but it still does not matter because there is no evidence against it. The only reason the rest of the world has not bought into these tests is because plants can’t display how they have emotions in an obvious way like we can. They simply deny the tests and give them no thought.

  16. Mokou says:

    Haha, thanks for the good laugh.
    You’re all awesome.

  17. Toda says:


    Are YOU like ME? in thinking that it is WRONG to trap so-called “house” plants in houses?

    THINK ABOUT IT, People! No plant every ASKED to be inside a house. I want to organize a HOUSE PLANT RESCUE to save plants from LIFE SENTENCES IN PRISON.

    We need to find a new language. A shift away from talking about “house plants” because their is no such thing. All plants are like free-range chickens (except that they don’t have wings or legs). SET THEM FREE! This is an AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL ISSUE PEOPLE.


  18. Toda says:


    To me, eating sprouts is like eating an aborted child. Why do we affectionately call a small child “Sprout”? Because somewhere inside ourselves, we know that just as a child is an innocent life form, so, too, vegetable sprouts – and that INCLUDES wheat and barley spouts, everybody! – are innocent life forms.

    STOP ABORTING PLANT CHILDREN! There is PLENTY of nutrition in rocks and nuclear plant water. PEACE, TODA

  19. J.d. (Lucifershal0) says:

    Well I’m not going to stop eating beef and other meats just because some really “ghoulish” hippies think animals have rights. I love eating steaks, hamburgers, brats, and other assorted meats from the livestock of the world. I’m not a big fan of vegetables anyways. They taste terrible and upset my stomach alot. I stay away from salads because they go right through me and every other vegetable just tastes terrible unless I mix it up with some MEAT!!! Plus my wife has this thing against vegan/vegetarians and would divorce me if I stopped eating meat. And I’m being totally serious.

  20. Mochiish says:

    In some countries, I know that factories put the animals to sleep and then kill them,to cause less suffering.Also when animals and plants die, they go to heaven and live happily.Animals and plants are in the food chain and we should all know that if one being is taken out of a food chain then it would collapse. Hadn’t there been an overcrowding amount of cows somewhere because the people there are all vegans? there are plants that eat flies and plants that produce poisonous berries or flesh that prevent itself from being eaten. If you were lost somewhere in the middle of somewhere with a vast amount of animals but no or few eatable plants (forest/ocean) what would you do? Calling yourself a vegan would mean the status of eating no meat no matter what and if people in the world say that they only eat animals that they know have been killed in a less suffering manner, then they are just a minor omnivore.

  21. Mario says:

    Okay, now i love plants, considering i own a number of house plants. But, i must say, this is ridiculous. first off, plants don’t feel pain, so it doesn’t hurt the plant in the slightest. Second, yes, plants have the right to live too, but do you want to know what would happen if everyone changed to all meat? Every forest in the world would be destroyed to graze trillions of cattle, so basically there would be no plants left, and the earth would become a polluted waste land. Now, i could see how it if the plant in the picture was able to feel pain it would be terribly wrong, but plants have no nervous system. Also, you are saying the animals can defend themselves. Animals such as cows and chickens which are factory farmed can’t defend themselves! Knives, guns and bombs are invincible against beaks and hooves. So that shows that the “animals can defend themselves” theory is insane when it comes to factory farming. So, if every person in the world changed there diet to meat only, there would be no forests left, humans would have to be shoved in crowded buildings just to survive, and the world would come to a horrifying end.

  22. Javi says:

    At first, I was vegan.. until i found this website. I also feel that killing animals is cruelty, so since then my diet is based on licking stones and eating forest hummus so as to get the needed nutrients. I have also some good recipees i could share with people that feel the same as me. SAVE EVERYTHING FROM CRUELTY!!living creatures rights must be preserved

  23. Gluto Soyo Meatatarian says:

    As a gluto-soyo meatatarian I do understand some of the inherent problems of getting all needed nutrients from animal products alone. Consumption of certain seeds and soy milk can at times be justified.

  24. Jorge says:

    I play fruit ninja just for fun.

  25. harvest!! says:

    Wow this really just made my day….not because i love veggies for anything more than to eat but becuase you people are so dumb…seriously you make peta look smart which trust me is hard to do. So today as i drive home i will look at the corn field that was just harvested and laugh because there are people out there that think that harvest is homicide (or would it be veggicide??):) so thanks for making my day.

  26. Bob the Chef says:

    Meat: I don’t think you understand. They’re denying the rights of vegetables. What a bunch of fascists with meat bias. You know, Hitler believed the Jews didn’t have rights either, and he used to roast them in the ovens, too. The similarities are horrifying. Stop vegetable hate crime!

  27. michael says:

    This is kind of funny…I suppose?

  28. Confused K says:

    If we don’t eat veggies(for vegetarian), what the hell do we eat?

    And is a mushroom a plant?

    This is really silly………….(but had a fine time reading it, It’s quite entertaining as a comedy(sorry, but honestly)

  29. ... says:

    …This may be the dumbest thing I have ever read. You feel bad for plants- which not only have no pain, but have no sentience AT ALL- but you happily eat an animal who in all likeliness spent it’s entire life pent up with no room to move, only to be cruelly killed. You people are deranged.

    p.s.- pretty much all meat you are buying and eating has been fed mainly a diet of another animals ground up beaks, hooves, bones, guts and brains. So you actually aren’t “saving” many plants by eating meat. Do some actual research sometime and maybe you won’t sound like an idiot. I sincerely hope that this is a joke website that some jerks set up to see how many people they could annoy.

  30. Meat its what's for dinner says:

    Doesnt it just amaze you how ignorant people are?
    Wow, to read the posts here of folks getting all jazzed up and pissy about you militant vegetable rights folks.
    Just get a hammer out and hit these idiots square on the top of their heads.
    Shows how ignorant these PETA (sheep)followers REALLY are.

  31. vegetable cruelty? really? says:


  32. Jeremy says:

    Is this site serious??!?!? If so, how do vegetables feel pain?

  33. cant we jus get along says:

    we need to consume life to live life. cant we all just agree to be grateful for our food by saying thank you for anything that might have lost their lives for us instead or arguing about it?

  34. I love Veggies says:

    Lalalalala i love veggies!

  35. I love Veggies says:

    I love to eat veggie yes i do, i love veggies how about you! I like the taste of veggies in my mouth. Veggies make me happy when i eat them!

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