Food Freedom Fest 2015

These people have the right idea for being kind to fruits and vegetables. Work with nature, not against it!

Food Freedom Fest is an educational and entertaining gathering for anyone who celebrates and appreciates freedom of choice in food and farming.

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Vegetable Kindness: Permaculture

Monocrop agriculture is the most violent form of treatment toward vegetables known to humanity. Don’t know what that means? Google “industrial agriculture” for starters, but simply put it is huge fields of a single crop that destroys the entire ecosystem of the area, kills the soil, requires chemical fertilizers and pest/herbicides, and now uses genetically modified seeds. Ugly stuff.

Contrast that to permaculture, which is the practice of auto-pilot caretaking of an ecosystem where humans are a part of the system instead of the dominating destroyer and controller of everything. Yields are higher, fruits and veggies are far more nutrient rich, the soil gets better and better every year, no outside fertilizers or chemical pest/herbicides are needed (the ecosystem takes care of all of that). The philosophy is work WITH nature instead of against it. Brilliant!

Get on the permaculture bandwagon and be kind to veggies!

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Now this is a true plant hero

While still ultimately killing and eating many of the fruits and veggies grown on the farm in the video below, it is clear that it is done in the most humane way possible. We at the Vegetable Rights Militant Movement can appreciate that. And of course the farm dispenses justice on the four legged herbivores that feast on our green cousins non-stop, so they’ve got that going for them as well. Check it out – nature is beautiful!

Sepp Holzer’s famous Krameterhof farm in Austria.

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VRMM on Twitter

The anti-vegetable-rights lobby is too powerful, but they can’t keep us down. We’re now on twitter @VegCruelty and need your help to protect our defenseless plant cousins.

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Vegan Slaughterhouse


Oh the horror indeed! This is utterly brutal. Poor melons never harmed anyone.


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Conspiracy against fruits and veggies

Have you ever caught yourself feeling uneasy but unsure why? Have you ever watched a “will it blend” video and turned away in squeamish horror, and later awkwardly laughed at yourself for doing so? Have you ever been moved to speak for those who have no vocal chords and often no motor function at all?

Welcome to the plantrix.

Humanity’s domination of the plant kingdom has been brutal and ongoing since the dawn of time. You are not required to participate in the conspiracy to oppress and enslave our defenseless, distant relatives. Free will enables you to decide for yourself how you will treat the chlorophyll class among us. Are you an anti-plantite? Please, don’t be.

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A response from Chris (and an insult)

Hi again,

In response to your comments on you website:

The explanation you provide for encouraging “meatarianism” is even more contradictory than I thought. It is clear that you don’t understand the simple laws of supply and demand.

Eating animals will only increase the demand for animals to be raised for food, further contributing to vegetable cruelty. On the contrary, not eating animals will erase the demand for that animal to be born, raised, eat plants, and be slaughtered.

I can understand that a severe lack of intelligence leads to short term thinking, but please try to think beyond your usual train of thought.



Chris, thank you for calling everyone involved in the Vegetable Rights Militant Movement and other cruelty free lifestyles unintelligent. You are clearly our superior.

Since I am a mental midget, no doubt due to only eating meat in an attempt to protect those who cannot protect themselves, I will merely point out that your evil plan would eliminate several species of animal altogether.

While I am not entirely opposed to this idea, since herbivores are the worst offenders on the VRMM’s list of cruel entities, I can’t help but wonder if that is what you meant. Is it?

Did you really intend for me and my fellow meatatarians to interpret “not eating animals will erase the demand for that animal to be born” as a desirable thing from your point of view?

I doubt it. But then again, I’m the idiot here.

What would my fellow idiot meatatarians say to Mr. Genius Chris?

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Just Wanted You To Know

Here’s an email I received on October 14th from some guilt-ridden vegan…


I just thought you should know something. Based upon the argument of your website, being vegan is cruel to vegetables and eating meat is more kind to vegetables. You are wrong.

The animals that you are consuming eat more calories of vegetables (grains, grasses, and other plants) than any vegan would ever consume directly.

Have a great day.

I just wanted you to know that you missed the whole point! You see, the fact that animals consume so many fruits and vegetables is EXACTLY why it is more humane to eat them – because they at least have the means to fight back.

Fruits and vegetables are sentient life forms that cannot defend themselves or flee from predators. Animals can. Who is really the victim here? Meatatarians dole out much deserved justice upon those most cruel to our plant friends.

Christopher, you are wrong and I hope you re-examine your life.

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Worst. Book. Ever.


Written and illustrated by Ruby Roth, the book features an endearing animal cast of pigs, turkeys, cows, quail, turtles, and dolphins. These creatures are shown in both their natural state—rooting around, bonding, nuzzling, cuddling, grooming one another, and charming each other with their family instincts and rituals—and their painful and lonely lives in the terrible conditions of the factory farm. The book also describes the negative effects eating meat has on the environment.

Hmmm… we respectfully disagree with your satanist book, Miss Roth. Eating animals is the only moral thing to do. Eating plants is the WORST thing you could possibly do. I hope this book gets banned and no child is ever subjected to it’s pernicious lies!

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Sarcastic Email?

I can’t decide if this is sarcastic or not. Hmmmmm………. what do you think?

Haha, you are really funny, do you know that? Because, like, you’re making fun of vegetarians by saying that the vegetables have feelings and stuff. Because that’s exactly the same as killing animals, because vegetables can feel pain just like animals can! Continue doing what you guys are doing, because you are really making the world a better place!

Random emails from people are always entertaining. Keep up the good work all you veggie haters! The VRMM will persist and overcome your heathenistic, murderous ways!!

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