Calling Out Animal Rights Activists


It’s about time we had some serious discussion with those who would protect animals from cruelty while simultaneously being cruel fruits and vegetables. Are you an animal rights activist? Vegetarian? Vegan? We want to hear your justification for what we perceive to be blatant hypocrisy.

How can you claim to fight for the rights of animals while stomping on the rights of plants?

How can you claim a higher moral ground because you do not eat meat when you eat plants?

Why do animals matter more than plants?

Why is it more cruel to butcher a cow than to harvest and process corn?

The bottom line is that you cannot defend animals without also defending plants. There will always be controversy over animal cruelty for this very reason, though not for the reasons you would have us all believe. Plants are more helpless than animals, most being immobile. Plants are preyed upon in greater numbers and are treated far more brutally than any animal, having little or no means to defend themselves.

Even though you have no rational argument to make (any and all attempts will be summarily exposed), we invite you to make them. Open your bleeding hearts. Free your befuddled minds. Divulge the passionate rants of your fiery spirits. Do so, but beware – beware the greater cause for it may ensnare you and you may evolve into a higher form of cruelty fighter. The Vegetable Rights Militant Movement will eagerly accept your petition for membership.

25 thoughts on “Calling Out Animal Rights Activists

  1. Bec

    I would also like to add that technically if you are eating meat, you are eating plants.

    Plants were MURDERED so your meat could be produced.

    Animals are not MURDERED to produce vegetables.

    You are killing animals and plants. This should shock you if you value 1 plant life the way I value 1 animal life.

    Vegans/vegetarians are killing plants. I agree.

    FACT- Stop eating animals and you will stop killing plants.

  2. Bec

    Here is a question for you..

    How can you justify defending plants and not animals? If they are ALL living things? You are also a hypocrite. Revenge on animals because they eat/destroy plants is a poor justification.

    Can you PLEASE show me multiple research articles (highly cited reliable research) that state 100% that plants feel pain/are even conscious (even though they lack a nervous system). I really wouyld like to know. Animals are conscious beings. They do feel pain. They feel immense pain because of people like you. You sit back and say they DESERVE that pain.

    When I first came across this website I thought it was one massive joke. But upon looking through the pages I realise you guys are very serious about your cause. I cannot believe how pathetic this world has become because of people like you. Your views are sadistic. You make me sick.

    I agree with Kico. You are all hypocrits!

  3. Lion King

    plants are pretty, they offer beautiful asthetics to the world, but they are like machines. The cells do as they are programmed in the DNA, they make the earth bountiful and facilitate the ability to live for every other type of organisim.This is their function, same way that the cells that make up our skin protect us, and are alive, yet we do not feel concern for these cells happiness.They are just a very important part of the circle of life, take it or leave it.

  4. Computerexpert3

    SHUT THE **** UP PPL!!!!!!!!!!!!



  5. Jen

    Hey, Carnivore.

    I love meat. Don’t get me wrong–I think I’m on your side of this, though I just stumbled on your site and I don’t have long to talk.

    I eat vegetables, too. But I do not, do not, do not like it when vegetarians claim they are eating a “death free” diet. Those poor vegetables are usually ALIVE when we eat them (because if they weren’t we would consider them “spoiled!”). What’s the deal? Just because it can’t scream or look at you with cute eyes, does it mean it’s not sentient enough to die?


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