Not a Good Example of How to be a Carnivore

Both the lions and the crocodiles fail to protect our fruit and vegetable friends by exterminating and consuming a buffalo as shown in this video. It’s an embarrassing moment for all of us who fight for the cause.

Jun 03 2007 01:38 pm | league of justice and videos | 5 Comments »

5 Responses to “Not a Good Example of How to be a Carnivore”

  1. SirRomesalot says:

    Tobias humans are a necessary evil for now. If humanity goes extinct before killing ALL the plant eating animals the animals will never die and plants will always be murdered for food. Humanity must kill the herbivores first, then and only then can we take our turn and die off as well.

  2. Barack Obama says:

    Tobias, the word you are looking for is herbicide. I am all powerful, worship my plant-loving regime.

  3. That is amazing video.

  4. Vegetation Liberation says:

    I’m way ahead of Ya! Viva la flora!

  5. Tobias says:

    We should eat humans, not animals! this because humans punish animals for the heinous crime of killing plants, and they also feed the animals lots of plants, so the humans are guilty of mass plantocide. By eating humans we make less plants having to suffer, this because the humans will not be able to feed the animals in their farms, so the animals will starve inside the farms, while we gradually reduse the human vegocide!

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