Questions for Carnivores: Do Plants Experience Suffering?


In our new category, Questions for Carnivores, Isaiah writes in with several excellent questions. Following are the answers.


I have read several articles about plants having a kind of intelligence, and I was wondering if you knew if it has been proven whether or not plants can experience “suffering” of any type. If they can, should walking on grass or stepping on any plants be avoided as much as possible? Does stepping on grass actually make it become stronger, so is like exercise for them? I’ve read cutting grass is necessary during the summer because grass only gets enough water and nutrients to sustain a short length.

What can you tell me about this subject?



First off, Isaiah, we thank you for your questions and for your obvious concern for the well being of our many plant friends. Let’s go through your questions one by one and educate the world at the same time!

Can plants experience “suffering” of any type?

This question can be answered easily by considering this question: Can any living thing NOT experience suffering? Obviously, the answer is no. Human beings believe they know everything, but that is because they are ignorant fools for the most part. We struggle to understand ourselves, if we are one of the individuals remarkable enough to spend time on introspection, and yet we presume to understand that which is separate and external for ourselves? Remember your principles, Isaiah. As above, so below. You know that you suffer, therefore you know that organisms above and below you suffer. It is quite simple.

Should walking on grass or stepping on any plants be avoided as much as possible?

You must know which position we at the Vegetable Rights Militant Movement will take on this issue, Isaiah. Of course! Vegetable cruelty is the most ignored issue in the global political arena and the world is waking up to the madness. Thank you for raising this issue and we hope you tell your friends and family to stop their habits of walking on grass and stepping on plants!

Does stepping on grass actually make it become stronger, so is like exercise for them?

Do you become strong when a giant sumo wrestler steps on you, Isaiah? Maybe you would heal stronger, maybe you would. Or maybe you would die. I think you can figure this one out yourself.

Is cutting grass necessary in the summer because it must be short to survive

Well, Isaiah, how on earth do wild grasses live on year after year? Do you see the wolves or the lions out cutting the grass in the wild? No! Grass killing herbivores eat their heads off, though, and the saintly wolves and lions do their part to help save our helpless plant friends. Try an experiment, don’t cut your grass for a whole year and see if it survives. Report back with your results, we’ll be interested to hear how it goes.

What a great first edition of Questions for Carnivores! Thanks again to Isaiah for sending in the questions. If you have questions about fruit and vegetable rights, send us an email, tweet, facebook comment or comment on this post. We’d love to answer them for you!

2 thoughts on “Questions for Carnivores: Do Plants Experience Suffering?

  1. Ashkan Ghanbarzadeh Dagheyan

    There is no concluding study on whether the plants suffer or not. Philosophically, the reason of experiencing pain is to escape the causing agent. In other words, it is a survival mechanism. If you don’t feel pain (CIP) and your hand is under a heavy object, soon the blood supply to your member will stop and your hand eventually will die. Pain will help you escape that situation and save yourself. Now, why would nature give plants the ability to feel pain and suffer but no power to escape it? That doesn’t make any sense.
    Thus, as philosophers say, until we don’t have enough evidence to believe that plants suffer we should withhold our judgment. Saying that because we feel pain plants do too (induction) is a weak reasoning.

    On the other hand we are ABSOLUTELY SURE that animals suffer in pretty much the same way we do. And as it is not a nutritional necessity to eat animals, we can eat the beings that we are doubtful about their suffering (one can live with a doubt) for now until we have a strong proof that they actually suffer.
    If you can’t live with that doubt too (which is commendable), you can choose to eat only fruits. The purpose of fruits is for fruigivores (such as us) to eat their flesh and spread their seeds in the nature. Trees give us fruits so that we can help them reproduce-a bilateral relation.

  2. Lily

    Dear Carnivores,

    My sister is a vegetarian. I have no idea what to do. She’s always talking about how my carnivorous life style is animal cruelty, but I hunt all my own meat! Everyday I go out to the vast wilderness and battle to the death for my animal based sustenance. She is such a hypocrite by eating and killing sentient life forms that have no ability to fight back! I hope one day I can show her that the real crime that is being committed is against Vegetables/Fruits and Vegetable/Fruit Cruelty is a tragedy.


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