Eat turkey, skip the mashing of potatoes


As Americans all over the world settle in for the Thanksgiving tradition today, we at the Vegetable Rights Militant Movement would like to remind everyone of their duty to defend the most defenseless: our fruit and vegetable cousins.

These lifeforms do not have the advantage of teeth or limbs to fight nor flee.  Yet onward and upward they strive, ever reproducing and soaking in energy from that glowing orb in the sky.  Do you hear any complaints?


Now consider the turkey: defenseless?  Hardly.  Innocent?  Ha!

Turkeys consume leaves, grass, roots, berries, seeds, nuts and grains or whatever is available at the time. Some favorite foods are clover, hickory nuts, sunflower seeds and crab apples.

Armed with the knowledge about the evil habits and cruelty engaged in by these feathered fowl, are you now not prepared to stand with us in a call to eat only turkey on Thanksgiving, and spare the spuds?  Join us.  Every fruit and vegetable life matters.

3 thoughts on “Eat turkey, skip the mashing of potatoes

  1. Logic

    You say that turkeys are not innocent because they munch on leaves, grass, roots, berries…..
    So they are committing a crime in doing all that.
    Among humans, a criminal is someone who does something wrong while knowing that what they are doing is wrong (except for sociopaths).
    But turkeys don’t know what they are doing is wrong (if doing it is wrong at all).
    So how do you justify that turkeys are not innocent?
    Secondly, plants don’t actually ‘feel’ pain.

    So, eating vegetables is NOT cruel.
    But you ARE promoting animal cruelty by asking people to eat only Turkey on Thanksgiving. (I am a vegan)
    I wish you learn some science and use your brains before putting up such stupid blogs on the internet.

    1. Carnivore Post author

      @Logic… how ironic the username you chose for yourself! You have made a poorly formed argument to feel better about your own exceedingly high levels of vegetable cruelty, and it shows.

      How do you know what turkeys do or do not know? You don’t, otherwise you will provide the proof here.

      How do you know that plants experience no pain or suffering when their genes are altered to resist massive doses of RoundUp, get planted concentration-camp style in rows by the millions, then get chopped up and torn from their homes (cruel as those homes might be) by machines and their bodies shipped off in boxes for consumption by humans and animals alike? Where’s your proof?

      You really think anyone buys the argument that those things are not cruel? Only someone sick enough to want to make themselves feel better about engaging in such a thing could dream up an argument like, “well, the turkey doesn’t really KNOW what it’s doing, so it’s uh not really guilty.” But you don’t even know what the turkey knows or not.

      We get it, you wish to assuage your guilty conscience. But you’ll get no relief here! May your eyes and mind be opened to the greater evil you are engaged in… VEGETABLE CRUELTY!


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