About the VRMM

The Vegetable Rights Militant Movement (VRMM) is a nationally active, grassroots, vegetable liberation and defense organization. The VRMM differs from other vegetable activist organizations in that it really does all that it can to stop people from torturing, killing, humiliating, and ultimately eating vegetables and fruits.

The VRMM has grown from a small group to a large, multi-national militia that fights unceasingly for the liberties of each and every fruit and vegetable. There are plenty of people to look out for animals already (and animals are not innocent – they kill just as many plants as humans), but fruits and vegetables have only recently had humans on their side, thanks to the VRMM.

cornhuskerVRMM members have chained themselves to hay bailers, corn huskers, and tree shakers to voice their opposition of the legality of these torture devices. Other members have staged sit-ins at local produce sections of supermarkets, chanting “veggie-killer” at anyone who picked up vegetables for purchase.

Fruits and vegetables have been victims of cruelty throughout all recorded history. Humankind’s so-called advancement into agriculture was also it’s moral demise. Once people began farming crops they sold their souls to the god of violence.

The good news is that you can join the fight to stop vegetable cruelty by sharing this information with friends and family, as well as making a sizeable donation to the cause.

brutalized carrotsThe Vegetable Rights Militant Movement (VRMM) began in 1977 when a young lad refused to eat pureed carrots, mushed bananas, what was reported to be apples of some sort, and other sundry produce items stuffed into jars.

Vegetable abusers all over the world have been paying attention to the protestors affiliated with the VRMM. We know how to get our point across and will stop at nothing to see even one more fruit or vegetable live a happy, normal life.

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