Gallery of Atrocities


This website contains violent photographs and other media of vegetables and fruits being tortured, mutilated, mistreated, and murdered. They are not for the weak of heart. By choosing to view these images you hold harmless for your psychological well being.


227 thoughts on “Gallery of Atrocities”

  1. This site is NOT funny. Veganism is the most humane and environmentally friendly way to live on Earth. You can argue, but you just show your ignorance and stupidity. Whatever. I’m not interested in your reply as it’s got to be pretty stupid from all that I’ve read here.

  2. I’m sorry, but is this for real? I’m being completely serious. You guys do realize that without the nutrients for vegetables and fruit, that we’d all be dead. Just saying, trees for the forest gents, trees for the forest.

  3. last week i saw my neighbor abusing his broccoli, i immediately jumped the fence and saved the poor veges, Dylan is now in intensive care and expecting to make a full recovery soon :)

  4. I’m concerned about the health and wellbeing of my neighbours brocolli, he stepped on some yesterday! It was terrible, I had to jump the fence and take it to intensive care immediately. It’s been two weeks and Bruce is recovering well.

  5. My friends and I visited your website, and finally, we have found our people, those who think like we do.
    And hope to eradicate the injustice and cruelty that vegetables are subjected to.
    Heartless people are carelessly slaughtering these beautiful creations that the Earth has supplied.
    And my cohorts and I are ready to make a difference.
    Thank you for the inspiration, and letting us know that we are not alone.
    God bless.

  6. An amazing thing about living in the state of Texas is their support of the meatitarian lifestyle. Every month I hoist up a pig in my back yard for all to see and gut it (like a pig lol) and revel in My acomplishments. I know that this is some of the best justice I can get for my plant bretheren, taking revenge on the uprooting menace my state encourages me to kill and even pays me to do it. I often have the neighbors over to enjoy the “fruits” of my labor when we are not out eating venison or veal. There is something about sweet sweet justice that just makes your food taste so much better.

  7. As a gluto-soyo meatatarian I do understand some of the inherent problems of getting all needed nutrients from animal products alone. Consumption of certain seeds and soy milk can at times be justified.

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